Our solutions provide you a custom online classroom with a suite of age appropriate apps at your fingertips, anywhere you have an internet connection.
We know that no two classrooms are alike, that your needs differ from your fellow teachers and that not every tool is appropriate for every grade level or teaching situation. At MusicFirst we have years of experience teaching at all grade levels, and can help you address your teaching goals and the needs of your students.

Primary Music

Engage young learners with award-winning software that’s fun, interactive, and easy-to-use.

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Instrumental, Band & Vocal

Affordable and intuitive tools you can use with a wide variety of age groups and ensemble configurations.

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Music Theory

Help students develop a deep understanding of the language of music while unlocking their creativity.

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Classroom Music

Engage students with a variety of carefully crafted, flexible resources perfect for learners at every stage.

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