You’ll find answers to many common questions here. However, if you have additional inquiries, please feel free to contact us.

What is the cloud?

Simply a place where both software and files can now live – away from your own hard drive, so you can access everything from anywhere, using an internet connection and a Chrome web browser.

How do I choose what product is right for me?

You can search on our website for software by solution, for example Primary School, Secondary School, General Music or Music Theory - we have software for almost every activity covered in music education. Call us if you need more advice: 1300 723 700 - or email info@musicfirst.com.au

How can I order the products?

You can submit a purchase order on this website. We can also generate quotations for you to submit to your administration department.

Will the MusicFirst Online Classroom work on a tablet or smartphone?

The MusicFirst Online Classrooms works on tablets or smartphones with a couple of limitations: drag-and-drop scheduling for the calendar and access to a file library for file upload and submission do not work.

Will MusicFirst Integrated or Individual Software titles work on a tablet or smartphone?

Most MusicFirst Software will run on tablets or smartphones, with some exceptions. This website provides a list of compatibile computer Operating Systems and Web Browser compatibility on each software description page. For further info, please contact us at info@musicfirst.com.au

How long is a subscription, and who can use the product if I have a subscription?

Most of the software at MusicFirst is available for a one year cloud subscription which starts shortly after you purchase. There are options to buy subscriptions that last longer than one year if you wish. Nearly all our software subscriptions contain (for the same single low price) multiple log-ins for your students to use – check the exact product for details, or call us and we can explain your options.

Can the products work for more than one teacher in the same school?

The answer to this varies according to the software titles we have – call us for details.

How do I register my students?

For each software title, we can send you a pdf file explaining exactly how to do this – it’s very easy and quick to do, and once your students have log-ins, they can access the software from any computer, not just those at school – and you can access the files they create and set them assignments.

Can I view the students’ work?

Yes, for nearly all software titles you can find out how often your students have logged in, how much work they have completed, and (where appropriate) you can view and listen to what they have created.

What happens to my files if my subscription lapses?

You can usually save any files you create to your own hard drive, if you’re unable to continue to use the software. We will continue to store the files in the cloud for a short while after any subscription ceases.

How do I get product support or ask technical questions?

Email support@musicfirst.com or call 1300 787 205. Our goal is 100% satisfaction and speedy response to any issue.

Where do I get training on the products?

MusicFirst offers webinar based training on all of our products, as well as access to videos and tutorials. We run regular free introductory sessions on all of the software titles, or more in-depth training (call or email to enquire).

Is there a trial version available for any of the software titles?

In most cases, yes. Just select "Try Now" from the Get MusicFirst Button on this Website. Contact us for details.

Is there a discount for multiple schools?

Yes - for several schools in your 'area' or schools that are part of certain administrative jurisdictions.

Is there a discount for buying a subscription for more than one year?

Yes – contact us for details – usually you can buy a single year, three or five year subscriptions, but we can price any length of subscription for you.

Is there a discount if I want to subscribe to more than one of the products?

Yes – call or email us with those queries and we can create a quotation for you.

What about changes & updates to the products?

Because you’re using cloud based music software, you always have the latest version. Mini updates to the software can happen without you even knowing, and there’s usually nothing to download. If something major changes in the software, we’ll let you know – but there’s never any charge for enhancements to the software because it all lives online.