Music Theory

Beginner music students start off learning notes and rhythms. But we want them to have a deeper understanding of the language of music. With a suite of thoughtful tools tailored to help you teach the intricacies of music theory, MusicFirst is your secret weapon to build student progress rapidly while unlocking creativity for students of all levels. MusicFirst brings music theory teachers a suite of affordable and intuitive tools.

Software for Music Theory

Focus on Sound

A multimedia encyclopedia of music including unlimited listening tests, quizzes and an extensive lesson system for developing skills in melody, harmony, rhythm, technology and theory. Featuring 200 instruments, voices and groups with beautiful photos, recordings, music scores and videos.

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Sight Reading Factory BCO Package pricing

With unlimited Exercises, Sight Reading Factory makes practising the important skill of sight reading quick, easy, effective and fun! 

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Groovy Music

Students can once again enjoy the fantastic creative fun of Groovy Music as part of the MusicFirst Online Classroom, or as standalone software on the MusicFirst Application Cloud. Now available as a fully-native, high performance iOS App!

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O Generator

O-Generator is funky, simple, yet sophisticated music software that allows students to learn, create, play along with and record music. Aimed at 10 to 15-year-old students, O-Generator uses Popular and World Music to engage and teach key music concepts.

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