Video Recorder

MusicFirst is thrilled to announce a new optional feature that has been frequently requested by our customers, Record Video. We have partnered with an amazing company in Finland called Cleac to bring their video recording tool Lesono to the MusicFirst Online Classroom.

Assign a video recording task

Now teachers will be able to assign their students a video recording task so that they can see and hear their students performing in high-definition video to properly diagnose things like posture, hand position, and embouchure issues.

15 hours of recorded video per year

Lesono provides each student with up to 15 hours of recorded video per year. Teachers have total control over the video recorder and how it is used through our intuitive Task creation feature - teachers can simply select Record Video from the drop down menu.

Students submit a video

Students who have been assigned video recording tasks simply launch the Lesono software from within the task, record their video, preview it and then choose to either re-record or submit.

Lesono is available for an additional $1/user/year.