Manage your classroom

MusicFirst gives you everything you need to manage your music classroom, calendar, and curriculum. From scheduling assignments and tracking progress to communicating with students and parents, MusicFirst provides total access and control.

24/7 Access for Students and Teachers

With MusicFirst, learning goes way beyond the classroom. Your students can tap into award-winning software and resources anywhere they have an Internet connection—at home, the library, or even a coffee shop—at no additional cost.

No Computer Lab Required

MusicFirst brings a state-of-the-art learning environment to all your favorite devices—tablets, smartphones, smartboards, laptops, and more. Ideal for one-to-one initiatives, students can use your school’s computers or tablets, as well as personal devices at home.

Customize Your Environment

It’s easy to customize the MusicFirst experience to reflect your school’s look and feel. With a unique domain and login page for your school or district, access is always safe and secure.

Fast, Intuitive Scheduling

With our unique Calendar view, it has never been easier to schedule and manage assignments. See what’s coming up at a glance. Clone classes over marking periods. You can also drag and drop lesson plans and assignment schedules—and more.

Safe Communication

When questions arise, communicate directly with students and parents through the secure MusicFirst message system. Easily create announcements and notifications, clarify expectations, schedule rehearsals, and more. MusicFirst automatically archives conversations for future reference.