Audio Recorder

The MusicFirst Recorder is a powerful feature included with every MusicFirst Online Classroom, providing teachers with the ability to assign Audio Recording tasks to students and easily listen to the results before giving feedback.

Assign an audio recording task

Teachers can assign students an audio recording task simply by choosing Record Audio from the Teacher task creation panel.

Students submit recordings on a variety of devices

Using desktops, laptops, iPads, iPhones as well as many other kinds of tablets and smartphones, students can make their audio recordings from any location with an internet connection and submit them to their teacher - no file upload or download is needed.

A metronome is available if needed.

Teachers can review all class recordings from a central location

Student recordings are attached directly to submitted assignments in the Teacher’s view, making it extremely easy to review everything from a central location. Teachers can add comments for each recording, making it easy to give students immediate feedback!