Assessment & Grading

MusicFirst takes the hassle out of assessment, so you can stay focused on teaching. Comprehensive testing, grading, and reporting tools are built right in—and grades, scores, and projects follow each student throughout the program.

Complete Digital Portfolio

MusicFirst collects compositions, recordings, written responses, quizzes, and tests in a secure online portfolio that you and your students can review any time. You’ll always know exactly where they are in your program—and it’s never been easier to share progress with parents.

Online Gradebook

For nearly all of our software titles teachers can find out how often students have logged in, how much work they have completed, and (where appropriate) can view and listen to what they have created. Testing grades are dropped into an online gradebook so grades and progress are instantly visible.

Export with Ease

MusicFirst makes it easy to download your gradebook as a CSV file, so you can open it in Excel and other import into software applications/systems.

Meeting the Curriculum Requirements

MusicFirst includes selected curriculm standards and provides tools for you to create or provide benchmarks for assessment. We know it’s critical for students to meet curriculum milestones. That’s why MusicFirst provides curriculum - based lessons and tools that help students sail through their assessments.

Built-in Testing and Assessment

MusicFirst is the best way to assess students at any level—from a single class to an entire school or group of schools.