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MusicFirst Junior™ is an amazing new Teaching System for Elementary Music Education. 

Ideal for both teacher-led and independent student use, it’s also perfect for flipped classrooms and cross-arts learning.

MusicFirst Junior comes with a suite of age appropriate iPad apps for elementary students, and all of them are easily accessible through Chromebooks, laptops, and desktop computers.

Using an intuitive Teacher Control Panel, teachers decide which Music Learning tools and content they want to use in their classroom, as well as what to distribute to their students devices:​

Simple Recorder - Allowing Students to record themselves on their devices, with their recordings being immediately available for Teachers to review:

Groovy Music - A new updated  version of the well-loved original Groovy Music software, Groovy Music Cloud Edition lets elementary students create and explore music in a natural and intuitive way:

Instruments First - Specially designed for Elementary and Middle Schools, Instruments First uses colorful information on instruments from across the world to develop listening and theory skills. A special class display mode, hundreds of quizzes and all kinds of basic theory tuition are included:

Morton Subotnik's Creative Tools - Including Early Pitch Draw, Early Rhythm Perform, Pitch Painter and Rhythm Perform:

Lesson Plans
 - Organized by Curriculum and conveniently grouped into collections such as Orff, Kodaly, Recorder, and Ukelele:

Materials - Scores, Songs, Images, Videos, for single or mixed media use both for class presentation and direct use by students:

Quizzes - Covering a wide range of learning content for student practise and testing:

Drag and Drop
Teachers can simply drag the items they wish to use onto the Curriculum Cloud for immediate use in class, or the Calendar Cloud to be scheduled at a specific date.

Keywords and Standards

Everything is labelled by grade level, keywords, and standards:


For spontaneous and everyday use, learning materials can be placed on the ANYTIME CLOUD. These materials can be used immediately, or all year long!

For learning items intended for specific date, PLANNER Clouds are used to schedule teacher presentations, student tests or assignments, and organize them for specific classes or student groups:

Materials can be dragged on to any cloud in the planner, and arranged in the order students should see them on their devices:


MusicFirst Junior comes with a large library of creative lesson plans written by our team of music educators. The lesson plans are readily available to be used immediately, or customized through the built-in Lesson Plan Editor. The editor enables you to tailor each learning criteria to your students’ needs with Objectives, Standards, Procedures, Student Materials, Teacher Presentations, and more. Teachers are also able to create their own lesson plans and share with colleagues within the school:


Create dynamic lesson plans with mixed media such as music scores, songs, images and videos:

Teachers can also specify a fixed order of learning materials in lessons for ease of presentation or for independent learning, simply by locking the materials list in a lesson:

Adding Audio, Voice and Text Instructions

Teachers can also add text and record voice instructions for students:

It's like being able to be right there with each student, no matter when or where they actually do their learning!


The simple but powerful Quiz Generator can be used by teachers to create tests or to build learning content that encourages student interaction.

Create multiple-choice questions by simply entering questions text or voice prompts. Teachers can drag any material from the library as one of the answer options, and define correct answers to each question:

Quizzes can be labelled by grade level and keyword, and can be set to run in Score mode (for tests) or Practice mode (student needs to find correct answer in order to advance to the next question):


Using the Record Template feature, a score or image that belongs to another learning material can be added to Simple Recorder tasks: 

When students open the task on their device, they can see the score or image as they record:


Observation mode allows teachers to select an individual student to see their progress on each assignment through color coding of red – incomplete, yellow – in progress, and green – completed:

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